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Live Artfully...a goal I try to achieve daily. My adventure in art and design began as a graphic designer…which blossomed into a now full time mixed media artist.

I unleash my soul and creative spirit through acrylic on canvas creations, leaving behind vibrant simple objects that are energetic and ooze with inspiration. My child-like creations evoke happiness...and I am inspired by practically anything such as a coffee mug, a catalog I get in the mail, or something I see while driving.

My days usually involve making one big colorful mess… something my soul thrives upon, with a chaotic spin in the mix! I feel that art can help evoke one's passion, one's purpose or mission while adding color to today's hectic lifestyle. Like a child discovering colors or how to draw for the first time, my creative energy never seems to stop flowing. I start with a word or a phrase and expand from there. A direction. An idea. A path. A thought. I want people to look at my art and find their happy place...everyday.

Life is an adventure, art is an adventure; therefore each piece I create is an adventure. Each canvas has its own journey.

Oh...and one more thing! Since I am a wife to one and mother to four girls, my life revolves around constant chaos - is life suppose to be any other way?!? It is through my own chaos, the love from my family and friends and the experiences that I encounter on a daily basis that drive my creativity. I feel it is important that we all be reminded to live artfully, to be thankful for who we are and what we have, to be inspired on a daily basis and to express ourselves through creativity. My goal is to make both art and happiness a habit!

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